Saturday, January 30, 2010

The 501c3 Church Being Muzzled

The 501c3 Church Being Muzzled

This teaching will be going over an excellent write-up that Dr. Greg Dixon recently authorized entitled: "Caesar Calls in The Chips". A slightly modified excerpt from this article reads: Pastor Mark Holick and Evangelist Bill Keller are bold as lions… even though their actions may fall into the “zeal without knowledge” category. Both find themselves in a running battle with the Internal Revenue Service over the content of their sermons and the direction that they believe God is leading them to conduct their ministries. While these men plead for their first amendment rights, their respective 501c3 churches left the protection of the First Amendment when they accepted the protection of the State for tax exempt status. Now they want to run back under the umbrella of the First Amendment when Caesar calls in the chips in the big poker game that the church entered years ago when they walked into the big Tax Exempt Casino, thinking that they could play and never have to pay. Well, as Dr. R.G. Lee used to preach that famous sermon, “Pay Day Some Day” all of a sudden pay day is NOW.

The 501c3 Church Being Muzzled: PDF

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