Saturday, January 30, 2010

Billy Graham, Homosexuals, Catholics & Apostasy

Billy Graham, Homosexuals, Catholics & Apostasy

Billy Graham is on public record supporting homosexuality, abortion, his disbelief in a literal hell, his support and practice of infant baptism to save children, his support for the Catholic Church's worship of Mary (yet he calls himself a Christian). He has repeatedly praised infidels and apostates as great Christians. He would not challenge the idea that the Bible is mythology, when directly questioned. Rev. Graham (a self proclaimed Democrat) said Bill Clinton would be a good Christian evangelist and that Hillary should 'run the country', in expressing his long-standing devotion to both Bill and Hillary Clinton. It's plainly the case that Graham loves the world. At a crusade in San Francisco--Sodom and Gomorrah reborn--Graham announced to the homosexuals, 'Whatever your background, whatever your sexual orientation, we welcome you tonight.' Earlier, at a news conference, the famed evangelist thrilled the cockles of the homosexual's perverse hearts when he snapped to a reporter that he was tired of people trying to get him to criticize gays. 'It's not the biggest of sins,' Graham said. Billy followed this up by telling the smiling and happy liberal media: 'What I want to preach about in San Francisco is the love of God. People need to know that God loves them no matter what their sexual orientation.' Graham also proudly confided: 'I have so many gay friends, and we remain friends.' And much more.

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  1. Growing up, i used to watch this guy a lot on T.V. and i listened to his sermons. Being so young a Christian at the time, i didn't realise that he had such outrageous teachings. That's why it's always important, like the Bible says, to ask the Holy Spirit for the spirit of discernment so that you are not led astray.